Before the waves

Hello there. My name is Stephanie and I am a compulsive writer…and ponderer. Through years of journaling and list making, thoughts recording and poetry lines scribbling, mostly at the most inconvenient times for writing, on a dog walk in high winds, at the back of a van bobbing up and down on uneven roads, with the occasional sudden breaking before squirrels, foxes and rabbits and the impressive inky skid marks on the page that inevitably follow. Inspired lines also come in the middle of shopping, then the back  of old receipts will do, and all around the edges too, and Ô when all else fails, the very palm of one’s very hand. Loose pieces of paper, new notebooks, old ones given another chance after going astray among folders and files. It all goes back to the 1980’s,  even 1970’s for the early poems. Many boxes full to the brim with papers full of writings that spill over to the margins, follow contradictory arrows and spiral scribblings that make me spin the pages on their axes to follow the flow of words and reflections…. because amongst it all, there are a few questions I’m glad I asked, answers I don’t always agree with now, a journey marked by insights and lack of, beautiful lines that make me remember those come as a gift that sometimes drop in our wide open hands. We all have those special pieces of writing and reflecting that just stand out from the rest of our filled pages, and those are the ones I intend to post here, and follow their natural flow of showing up, in waves as it were. I know it will help me reflect some more on things I have probably forgotten I’d written about, on the sacred and the secular, which have really evolved into one in me now, inseparable as it were, and that they may humbly strike a cord with the reader sometimes. So, will shortly catch my first wave, which may just be the one that just softly crashes on my feet in the shallows, for now…:-)    Looking forward to this little word and thought adventure 🙂    Stephanie


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