Colour Song Poems

This Colour Song Collection has been on my mind for years (seemed like a few months but as usual I became oblivious to the passage of time while I delayed and resisted and avoided putting pen to paper). A title comes to you and you get excited as it seems quite novel, then you start to notice how often it has actually been used before! Nothing new under the sun, very true! Still, it also gives me the renewed sense of being one part of the oneness we form on the earth. Many birds use the same song patterns according to their kind; each brings a little je-ne-sais-quoi all the same 🙂

Anyway, the title may change (after all the above waffle about it!!!) and so may the poems’ titles while I post. Don’t know how many there will be, I’ll start with the two I have,  Green Way and Your Yellow Heart. The next is Magenta, yet to be written!

Every poem I write seem to then explain back to me, things I needed to hear and be shown. So at least they achieve an indivual purpose 🙂  Don’t know if they’re meant to go beyond the self, but here they are in any case.