Green Way

Green Way

I am the green you cannot see
The tender shoots you cannot curse
The smell of sap and of sand dunes
The earthly rain, drenched in sunburst

I am the life you cannot curse
Among the rocks, beneath the trees
I hide until soft underfoot
As mossy clumps under your knees

Your praying knees breaking the curse
Of green lumber drying too fast
Your praying knees calling the buds
Calling the waters from the dark

I am the northern lights of old
The ancient giant mists of hues
I am a light and a shadow
The unseen yellows and the blues

I am the life that won't let go
The running rivers underbark
The winter trees that won't grow bare
The swift, the swallow and the lark

I am the fern, the pine, the sea
An emerald that won't tarnish
The tender shoot that won't be cursed
The tree that cries it is finished.

Stephanie Dale   Oct 2019