Little man from pub

Little man from the pub

It's almost one in the morning,
the pub's dreckly after hours,
another band, a motley crew,
passing our gates full of the brew.

"Oy!" booms the voice of one that stopped,
"Ere, look at me, see how I go!",
keeps on the droning voice of one
that parked himself at our window.

He parked himself in the shadows
of chapel walls, yet the moon glows.
She glows so bright I can make out
the moving figure that called out.

the moving figure of a man
with rounded features, not refined.
The dancing figure of a man
circling the air, well out of line.

And so in the moonlight he shines,
is it dancing though I'm not sure.
I might as well keep on watching
this second rate nuisance calling.

The noises he makes, I wonder...
could he be a conductor?
A silly one, mind, of the kind
you see in spoofs and pantomimes.

And as the little man proceeds
to stir much hot air in the breeze,
he's plunked himself down on the spot,
now shaking like a crazed robot!

Look how his little arms they go,
yes yes yes and no no nooo!
There in the middle of the road,
oblivious of the Highway Code.

At last he seems to find purpose
directing traffic, what a tuss,
pretending my son's car is there
faking the danger in thin air.

The cornish twang has now seeped through
our windows, walls, the work I do.
The intrusion our home invades,
spreading its stubborn filthy stain.

Although his friends are out of sight,
they must be looking with delight.
I bet not one decent enough
to stop this nonsense in full flight.

Because you see, my family
has suffered from this lunacy
far too long in the shadows,
a plethora of lousy shows.

The little man wil soon forget
the previous night and its effect,
full of the plonk -inferior wine-
that makes grown men behave like swines.

When my son is back from nightshift,
in the morning he will park so:
not according to whims of gits,
but safely in line with the law.

Let me give you a solution,
a silver bullet on a plate:
don't go chasing recognition,
showing yourself in such a state.

Seek to learn rules on public roads
and find yourself a worthy cause.
There are a-plenty up your close,
test your own neighbours with your goads.

You operate in the shadows,
pretty convinced no one will know.
The hot air your stirred will soon go,
but this my friend will make inroads.

Salik Metuso aka Steph Dale    July 2019