Out in the Open

This is where I shall continue to post about the surreal experience of becoming a NPD target. I had intended to follow on from my initial post on the subject back in July, but as the harrassment continued, it reached levels most people struggled to believe were possible. In due time, I think it is important to clarify and educate…BUT so much time wasted on gathering evidence for police purposes etc, that translations and writing pieces got massively delayed. Lots of drafts, very little completed work. Soooooo, now we are in a better position to stand our ground and not let anything unresponded to in terms of violations of our family life, and my diary pages all sorted and organised in jackets since the 1980’s (!)  with several writing projects waiting for edits, upright and standing to order from the pretty crate that carried clementines to our shops all the way from Spain, I am focussing on posting and publishing as a priority. This section will be filled, just not in this season. Facts and truth will always remain to be explored, it’s a matter of time AND timing 🙂

Hope life is treating the reader well, with blessings 🙂